Cooman Consulting was established in 2000. Ever since, we’ve been trying to make our mark in the technology scene. Specialising in IT and web development, we tried to be the honest solution that helped flourishing every partner. We are always open for a challenge and aim to help you reach your full potential! 

Cooman Consulting has been involved and contributing in different start ups aiming at helping non-profits and community minded projects. In which sports has never been far away. We are challenged by innovation but believe that communication, personality and high quality should be the focus of every project.

Growing throughout the years our scope went broader. Content creating and supporting people in their creative proces became an import part of the company’s mission. 

Our team

A team that will help you!

Patrick Cooman

Founder & Full Stack

Patrick has been the founder of Cooman Consulting. He’s the big boss and the engine behind the IT development. He’s an entrepreneur with a lot of projects behind his belt. Everything involving full stack development and decision making is his side.

Tom Cooman

Sports & Creating

Tom, “The son of the boss”, has gathered a lot of experience in coaching in different applications, mainly in sports. Next to that Tom specialises in content creation and will be the one in charge of design.