Music Consultancy

We were lucky to get involved with some artists and saw the parallel with the consultancy and coaching we’ve been already doing. 

A lot of amazing artists are struggling to find their way in the music industry. Being involved in the music scene ourselves, we saw this as an opportunity to help them and started a new NPO project in Ghent called Ghent Music. 

In this NPO we are trying to put support where necessary and help artists get access to our studio, website development, logo development and all our other services.

Ghent Music is NPO focusing on supporting artists and musical projects in Ghent, Belgium. At this point we are doing this through two main projects:

A Ghent Music Community. No one is living on his own planet: We are Ghent Music. If we work together as a united front, we can achieve so much more in our amazing city! We don’t want to reinvent projects. This project is aimed at supporting what already is present and connecting it under a united umbrella, a united brand or a community.

A Ghent Music Movement. A project supporting local DIY musicians. In this we take the Community project in a micro-climate. Supported by coach Tom, we search artists with the same mindset and combine them in a team. Ghent Music is the glue between them and provides them with help where needed. Curious? Listen to some of our artists! Freddie Webber, Over the Sea, Jakobistan, Whispers From the Sea

Let us hear about how we can help you with our project or how you can help making Ghent Music bigger!