Web Application

The world is no longer a world on paper, we have the computer! It’s no secret the computer is capable of doing amazing things and in so help your task go faster and more smoothly. Buuut you need the right tool or application!.

Cooman Consulting has a history of developing applications mainly based on the web. This increases accessibility for everyone and you can access it everywhere! We’ve been on it from the start providing ringtones and wallpaper for the early phones. You hopefully remember those big bricks? 

It didn’t stop there, over the years we managed to create small application specifically for business and their workflow but we created also a big CSM system for sports club that could help their club run more efficient. Shortly the possibilities are endless.

Share your idea and we can start analysing it together!

Some Examples

An online application

eSTOSIO is a CRM system for sports clubs. We provide ways to automate membership, games, tournaments, teams and many other aspects of managing a sports clubs. Learn more on the eSTOSIO application page!

Flow a statistic analyses program for Goalball. A program developed for the Belgian Bulls in which game analyses is automatised. A way to look at analytics and a way to register the game!

Let's develop an application together!